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OTA West Region Junior Tour - STC U10/14/18 Tournament

The OTA West Region Junior Tour is being hosted on our courts June 8th.

Players will need to register via OTA. Recreational player OTA membership is free of charge and allows players to register for any of the OTA West Region Junior Tour tournaments. Use this link to get the OTA membership and register for the tournaments:


Players need to get an OTA membership now and send a proof of age to the OTA. Their membership will be activated once the OTA receives their proof of age. Once their membership is activated they simply click the register button for the tournaments they want to play.

For the STC June 8th event, lunch will be provided for the players.

It will be an exciting opportunity for STC juniors to play juniors from other clubs.

Conveners: Justin Bourassa and Ann-Marie Savage

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