2019 Club Championship
August 19-25

Conveners: Justin Bourassa (bourassatennis@gmail.com), Corrie Routley (corrieroutley@gmail.com)
Director: Ann-Marie Savage (Annmarie.savage333@gmail.com)

Tournament Schedule (see detailed draws below for more information):
Monday 19th: Men's and Singles - start time 6:00, 7:45pm
Tuesday 20th: Men's Doubles - start time 6:00pm
Wednesday 21st: Ladies Doubles - start time 6:00pm
Thursday 22nd: Mixed Doubles - start time 6:00pm
Friday 23rd: Semi-Finals
Saturday 24th: Finals
Sunday 25th: Rain Date

Congratulations to the 2018 Club Championship Winners and Finalists

Men's singles champion Justin Bourassa
Men's singles finalist James Nearing

Women's a singles champion Kristina Polakovic
Women's singles finalist Lauren Fullerton

Men's Doubles Champions Justin Bourassa and Matt Mueller
Men's Doubles Finalists Marian Polakovic and Andrew Davies

Women's Doubles Champions Kristina Polakovic and Lauren Fullerton
Women's Doubles FinalistsSusan Desjardine and Sarah Barry

Mixed Doubles Champions Matt Mueller and Sarah Barry
Mixed Doubles Finalists Marian Polakovic and Kristina Polakovic

Main Draws