Club Rules & Code of Conduct


  • Payments for lesson fees must be received at least 7 days prior to session start date.

  • Chairs are available for viewing lessons. They are in the clubhouse. Please return after use.

  • Do not bring food onto the courts (especially gum).

Tennis Gear

  • Always wear non marking athletic shoes.

  • No jeans.

  • Bring a water bottle – we have a cold water drinking fountain in the clubhouse. Water on the courts is OK.

  • We have a few tennis racquets available at the club for use if required.

  • You don’t need a $200 tennis racquet to learn to play tennis. A good tennis racquet can be purchased between $40 and $70. These can be purchased at Sportchek, Micor Sports, Canadian Tire and from our Club Instructors. Look for brands like Wilson, Yonex, Head, Babolat, Prince, Dunlop and Pacific. Most beginners can handle regular size racquets but try the junior racquets if the regular size feels too big and heavy. Grip size should be around 4” to 4 1/4”.


  • We encourage parents to stay and watch the lessons. If there are any comments or questions regarding the content of a lesson, please feel free to discuss these with us at any time.

  • Instructors may ask a child to sit down during a lesson, if he/she believes the child is acting in a way that distracts other children in the group. If a child’s behaviour continues to distract the rest of the group, he/she will then be given a 2nd and final warning to improve their behaviour. If a child continues to misbehave, a meeting may set up with the child and his/her parents to discuss solutions to the behavioural problem. If a child’s behaviour continues to distract the rest of the group after the meeting and the 2nd warning, then we reserve the right to ask that child to leave the session program without a refund.

  • If child has special needs, bring them to the attention of the instructors and they will be taken into account in assessment of child’s behaviour.

  • We will strive to make the junior program both rewarding and enjoyable.


  • If in doubt try calling the club (519.337.3091) - there might be someone there who can tell you if the courts are playable

  • As a general guide - if the roads are wet with puddles 45 minutes before the class starts, and it is raining, then the class will be postponed or cancelled. If the roads are wet with puddles 45 minutes before the class starts and the rain has stopped and is not looking like it will rain again, then the class will most likely be held as scheduled. Bluewater Bridge webcams may also help.

  • It can be cool and it can be hot - please make sure clothing is appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions.